Rambling Ranting
Also: Ad Nauseam, Proof by Assertion, Proof by Verbosity,
Illusory Truth Effect, Shotgun Argumentation,
Gish Gallop, Rope-a-Dope, Sea-Lioning
Class: Evade
Talking too much as a way
to dominate the debate.

Arguing repeatedly while ignoring counter-arguments. (People may believe something if they hear it repeatedly.) Or rambling to evade questions. Or rapid-firing weak arguments to avoid rebuttals. Or using
jargon to sound smarter.

We must build a dome to protect our country from the Martian invasion!
It’s impossible to build something that big.
This dome is the only way to keep us safe.
It would block out the sun.
The aliens will take over unless we stop them.
Hello? Can you hear me?
Build the dome! Build the dome!
Is it true you violated multiple safety regulations?
This is an important question, and, as always, our company is completely and utterly dedicated to diligently following the highly rigorous standards that are set for it by various regulatory bodies, both from a legal perspective, and, even more crucially, from a moral and ethical perspective.
You haven’t answered the question.
The government is definitely hiding aliens from us! This is proven by ... Area 51 ... weather balloons ... UFO crash ... it’s no coincidence the same patterns in crop circles ... pyramids and Stonehenge and Easter Island ... pilots and credible scientists have firsthand ... UFO sightings ... military has silenced them ... thousands of people abducted ... cannot be explained otherwise!
Oh my, where do I even begin? Oops, we’re out of time.
Global warming was debunked by a study which assessed the impact of future anthropogenic carbon emissions by examining the equilibrium of climate sensitivity with regard to the ECS2xC point, and specifically by calculating the posterior probability density functions of climate sensitivity using Bayesian inference.
That’s quite the jargon jacuzzi there, but you’re actually misrepresenting the study results.
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

This foolacy covers several fallacies related to talking too much. People often use many of these at the same time, so it makes sense to combine them:

Argument from Repetition (Ad Nauseam): Repeating arguments until opponents no longer feel like arguing.
Proof by Assertion: Same as above, or having many people repeat the same talking points and using that repetition as proof, especially in politics.
This exploits the Illusory Truth Effect.
Proof by Verbosity: Using complex language to sound more authoritative and confuse opponents.
Argument by Gibberish: Using lots of jargon (correctly or not) to sound more authoritative.
Gish Gallop: Making several arguments quickly in succession, even if weak, so the opponent doesn’t have time to refute them all.

This is also related to Begging the Question and Circular Reasoning, since they repeat the same idea, just rephrased differently.
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