Loaded Words
Also: Spin, Coloring, Euphemisms, Dysphemisms
Class: Emotional Manipulation
Relying on the emotional feeling
of words instead of reason.

This differs from Mocking the speaker.

They are slashing benefits!
I don’t think you can call a 4% reduction a “slashing”.
I can’t afford to keep working here for this low wage.
I don’t respond to threats!
You don’t have to paint it as a “threat”. It’s a genuine consequence.
They are trying to push their radical agenda!
You can’t just put the word “radical” in front of anything you disagree with.
They are attempting a blatant power grab!
If by “power grab” you mean political control, that’s what political parties are for, to gain control.
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

This covers the fallacy Argument by Emotive Language (AKA Loaded Words/Language/Terms).

If the word choice is to mock the speaker or their beliefs, see Mocking instead.
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