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Examples Wanted

Please suggest new example arguments! This will help expand the questions. Plus this is a public resource: all teachers can download the whole database to use in any curriculum, not just this app.

Both conservative and liberal political examples are wanted. Everyone should learn to identify fallacies from both sides. Currently we need more flawed liberal arguments to improve the balance. (The app tries to balance every quiz, but there are corner-cases where it cannot until we get more suggestions.)

I validate and standardize suggestions before putting them in the database.

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Feedback Wanted

Other feedback and questions are welcome! This is a living draft. Since there is no authoritative source of fallacies, I’d like this to become a communal effort from educators with broad consensus, hopefully to improve all K-12 curriculum for critical thinking.

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Please include a screenshot or copy the exact text if you want to dispute a question. There are many similar questions so I need to see which exact one.

Teachers, let me know if the concepts are too hard for your grade level.

If you want to suggest adding or redefining a Foolacy, please review the definition and try to provide several realistic examples.


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This app and other learning apps are part of the Critical Thinking Project for education reform by David Hundsness, all provided for free.

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