Jedi Mind Trick
Also: Bluffing, Denial, Minimizing, Gaslighting,
Sweeping Under the Rug, Invincible Ignorance, Nuh-uh Defense
Class: Evade
Insisting on something without
even trying to prove it.
Capricorns are very practical.
Why do you believe that?
They just are. It’s a fact.
The world is round.
No it’s not.
Um, you didn’t give any reasons.
500 people are infected each year.
That’s nothing.
How can you say that?
Fat people just don’t have enough willpower.
Actually there are many other factors.
No there aren’t.
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

The fallacy Invincible Ignorance is refusing to believe something, ignoring all reasons and giving no real counter-arguments. I defined this foolacy slightly broader to include making a claim and refusing to support it.

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