Also: Us vs. Them, False Dilemma
Class: Distort > Exaggerate > Black or White
Acting like any disagreement
means you are enemies.
No, you can’t go to that party.
Aagh! Why do you hate me?!
My teacher gave me a D just because he hates me!
Or is it because you never did your homework?
We can’t let them take over our country!
It’s not “us versus them”.
They voted against our bill. They are destroying our great nation!
You know we all have the same goal. We just disagree on the best solution.
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

This is a type of Black-or-White. Since it is so common, starting from children through adulthood, it deserves its own label.

Arguments are Archenemy only if they are broadly about hate or enemies. When specific details are added it usually becomes a Straw Man attack, like
“Conservatives are trying to make themselves the ruling class!”
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