Guilt Trip
Also: Appeal to Guilt/Pity
Class: Emotional Manipulation
Making the other person feel guilty
to do what you want.
I thought you cared about the environment, but I didn’t see you at the lake cleanup.
I don’t remember booking tickets for a guilt trip.
If you really loved me, you’d do this favor for me.
That’s manipulative. Don’t put this on my shoulders.
Please don’t quit now. We are already understaffed and we really need you.
Sorry, that’s not my problem.
Instead of giving fair reasons, these put the burden on the other person to defend their reasons.
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

Guilt Trip is a subtype of the Appeal to Pity fallacy. Traditional fallacies focus more on politics and academics, but in real life guilt trips are very common in personal arguments, so they deserve a foolacy of their own.

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