Unfair Comparison
Also: False Equivalence, Apples & Oranges,
View from Nowhere, Nut-Picking
Class: Distort
Treating two things as similar
when they are very different.

Acting as if two things are equally bad,
or opposing arguments are equally valid,
or unrelated things are in the same category.

Dr. Zork says the Earth is flat, so it’s still an open question.
You’re just nut-picking. His work has been totally debunked by the scientific community.
Both candidates have their share of flaws. Your guy didn’t wear a flag pin!
But your guy accepted bribes. That’s hardly a fair comparison!
The exam should be open book. In the real world doctors and lawyers are expected to look up things, so should we.
That’s not comparable. The exam is to test your memory; the real world is not.
I can’t say my political views on social media without everyone criticizing me. It’s like I’m in Nazi Germany!
Don’t play the Nazi card. Being criticized is not as bad as being killed in a concentration camp.
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

This matches the fallacy False Equivalence.

View from Nowhere is a term from journalism, which means giving equal weight to two sides of an issue when one side is unsupported by facts or represents only a fringe minority opinion. Nut-Picking is when you showcase someone (a nut) to represent an unfounded/fringe opinion.
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