Conflict of Interest
Also: Circumstantial Ad Hominem, Appeal to Motive, Furtive Fallacy
Class: Evade > Irrelevant > Personal Attack
Assuming the other person’s view must be wrong just because it may help them.

Actually someone can still be correct
even if they are biased.

The only reason she got the job is because her aunt is a manager there.
Not necessarily. Multiple managers there interviewed her.
Of course that podcast recommends ACME anvils. ACME pays for ads on their podcast.
Not necessarily. They gave a full disclosure and did a thorough product review.
I don’t trust big pharma. They just want to sell more medicines.
Just because they profit from medicines doesn’t mean the medicines are bad.
He thinks corporate taxes should be cut only because he and his wealthy friends own businesses.
It’s cynical to assume others are only selfish.
They’re passing popular laws just because they want to get reelected!
Isn’t that what politicians are supposed to do?
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

This is a type of Ad Hominem attack, based on two fallacies:

Appeal to Motive: (Circumstantial Ad Hominem) Assuming any bias automatically invalidates your arguments
Furtive Fallacy: Assuming people act on ulterior motives or are covering up misdeeds.
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