Common Sense
Also: Argument from Incredulity, Divine Fallacy, Gut Instinct
Class: Distort
Assuming something must be true if
it seems obvious or sounds reasonable,
and false if it is not obvious.
The ground looks flat and it feels perfectly still, so obviously the Earth is flat.
Sometimes what seems obvious is not actually true.
Your body needs water, so the more water you drink the healthier you’ll be.
More is not always better. Our bodies need only so much water.
Carbon dioxide causes climate change.
That can’t be, because we breathe out carbon dioxide!
It’s not that simple...
There is no way humans could have built Stonehenge. It must have been aliens.
Actually early civilizations had more advanced technology than we assumed.
Foolacy vs. Fallacy

Appeal to Common Sense and Argument from Incredulity are two sides of the same coin:
• If it seems intuitive it must be true.
• If it’s not intuitive it must be false.

Divine Fallacy is also included:
• If the cause is not obvious it must be supernatural, God, or aliens.
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