Logical Fallacies
How people cheat in arguments (you too)

List of Fallacies

What’s a Fallacy?

Why Change Fallacies?


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Straw Man, Cherry Picking, Slippery Slope, Red Herring, Moving the Goalposts, Black or White, Bandwagon, Ad Hominem, Post Hoc, Cum Hoc, Hasty Generalization, Appeal to False Authority, Texas Sharpshooter, Nirvana Fallacy, Perfect Solution Fallacy, Appeal to Nature, Appeal to Common Sense, Appeal to Tradition, Genetic Fallacy, Divine Fallacy, False Equivalence, No True Scotsman, Appeal to Emotion, Gambler’s Fallacy, Special Pleading, Tu Quoque, False Dichotomy, False Analogy, Argument from Incredulity, Single Cause, Regression Fallacy, Appeal to Probability, Neglect of Probability Bias, Anecdotal, Spotlight Fallacy, Confirmation Bias, Out of Context, Contextomy, Hollow Man, Missing the Point, Irrelevant Conclusion, Exaggeration, Unfair Comparison, Invincible Ignorance, Appeal to the Stone, Ad Nauseam, Proof by Assertion, Proof by Verbosity, Shifting the Burden, Appeal to Ignorance, Rationalization, Whataboutism, Appeal to Motive, Furtive Fallacy, Loaded Language, Loaded Words, Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Anger, Appeal to Pity, Appeal to Guilt

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